Companies Thrive With Our Solar.

Enhanced Brand Reputation

Showcase your dedication to sustainability and attract eco-conscious customers who value businesses that prioritize the planet.

Sustainable Long-Term Savings

Our solutions offer reduced operating costs, lucrative tax incentives, and energy independence from traditional energy markets.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Fulfill your duty to the environment and leave a positive impact on future generations by reducing your carbon footprint.

Generator Installations

Our professional generator installation services provide reliable backup power solutions, ensuring your home or business remains operational during unexpected power outages.

Complete electrical Services

From wiring and electrical upgrades to troubleshooting and maintenance, our comprehensive electrical services cover all your residential and commercial needs with expertise and precision.

EV Charger Stations

Power up with our residential and commercial EV chargers, offering fast, reliable charging solutions tailored to your needs. Enjoy the convenience of expert installation and support, ensuring your EV is always ready to go.

DIY Solar with Assistance Available

Take control with our DIY Solar solutions, complete with available expert support and the freedom to choose your own installer. Enjoy custom designs, lower energy costs, and the assurance that help is available when you need it.

Solar Panel Repair

We offer prompt and reliable solar system repair services to address any issues, ensuring your solar panels operate at peak performance and continue to provide sustainable energy.

Backup Battery Storage

Enhance your solar energy system with our backup battery storage solutions, allowing you to store excess energy for use during power outages or peak demand times.

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“[Gulf Electrical Solar] ... provided the lowest bid. I talked to six other providers and the quotes varied by more than $10,000!”

EnergySage Reviewer,
Mike Lloyd

"I used Gulf Electric 4 years ago ... needless to say ... after 4 years I'm very satisfied with every aspect of their business."

EnergySage Reviewer, Happy Solar Owner

"Gulf Electric was not pushy like the other companies and my experience has been pleasant and happy."

EnergySage Reviewer, Happy Solar Owner

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