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About Us

Our Solar Story Started In The Sunshine State

When our founder, Nick Gilcrest, moved to Florida, he quickly identified the potential of solar technologies in the sunshine state.  After working closely with a local installation company, Nick became aware of many issues plaguing the local market.  From inferior products, lack of design efficiency, financing gimmicks, and installation headaches; a new competitor in the market was needed.  Nick wanted to deliver a high quality product at a wholesale rate so homeowners could truly harness the power of the sun.  In 2010, Nick partnered with Gulf Electrical Services LLC, a thirty year old, highly regarded Electrical company to launch the new solar division.

As soon as Nick assembled his first crew and put them to work, word quickly spread throughout the state about company's quality and prices.  Today, Gulf Electrical Solar is the leading installer of Solar Systems on the Gulf Coast.  They have partnered with many commercial and residential entities to provide solar technologies with low prices to maximum ROI.

By working with Nick and Gulf Electrical Solar, you not only get the best solar system for your need but you get a great price, maximizing your return with a significant tax benefit.  Contact Nick today to learn how we can help fulfill your solar needs.

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